Board of Directors Nominations (2019).

1. Select a current RRCA member from the drop-down list or enter a write-in nomination.
2. Select the position you are nominating them for.
3. Click Submit
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for additional nominations.

* Nominations must be accepted by the nominee before they will be added to the ballot.
* All elected board members must be RRCA members during their term.
* All nominations are submitted anonymously.

I nominate:
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For this position:


Current board members:
President: Brian St.George
Vice President: Steven Sikkink
Treasurer: Harry Shears
Secretary: Angela Zavodnik
At-Large: Angie Fisher
At-Large: Stephanie Sikkink
At-Large: Joyce Hobbs
At-Large: Markus Hoche